My name is Robin Bonk, professional illustrator and designer.
Currently working and living in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Graduated in Illustration from AKV| St. Joost Art Academy
Den Bosch, NL in 2016 (Bachelor of Design).
Graduated in Graphic Design from Nimeto Utrecht, NL in 2011.

My focus relies on authenticity, that is why my illustrations and designs are mostly handmade. It makes my style more characteristic and recognizable. On the other hand, I always find a way to make it digitally useable. With great interests in psychology, journalism, biology and most of all music gives me the inspiration to create a transformation of reality. The result is a surreal and dynamic look, defined by strong accurate lines.

My goal is creating something that is expressive and powerful and really fits a specific idea. That is why I am proud to say my portfolio is very diverse and unique.


Are you interested in working together, or just want to discuss an idea?
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