De Dakhaas – Full Page Editorials

De Dakhaas asked me to create editorial illustrations for their number 14# edition.
The magazine’s theme was ‘Handmade’. All typography is handwritten and because of this theme,  I chose to make the illustrations completely by hand.

In collaboration with journalist and writer Roos Wijnants we had the opportunity to write and create illustrations about the topic ‘Genetic Modified DNA’. Roos had an interview with medical ethicist and professor at Medical Institute of Utrecht Annelien Bredenoord. These illustrations are focussed on the ethical question around modified DNA.
What should we do with this new technology called CRISPR-CAS9?

Release: December 2019

This spread is based on a line from the writer. ‘The border patrol of the acceptable’.



This illustration is about the label ‘Designerbaby’, what is often connected to this topic.