The Heat – Tumblin’ videoclip

For the release of their new album ‘Matatoro’, the heavy blues rockband The Heat asked me to make an animated videoclip for there song Tumblin’.

The entire clip is a frame by frame animation
and is completely drawn by hand, with fineliner and ink.
My focus was to strengthen the intensity of the music, so the images react to the sound.

Music-platform Never Mind The Hype wrote a cool article about this animation (Dutch).

The story in the clip is inspired by the loss of a woman.
There is a man and a woman who get torn apart by evil spirits.
The man gets killed and on his last living moments,
he sees his woman get badly beaten and humiliated.
Out of fury, the man transforms into a strong bull, who starts fighting the evil spirits.

When the bull wins the fight, he does his victory dance.
Not knowing that he is too late to save his woman.
Eventually she is one of the evil spirits and the reason of his death.

(The bull and the victory dance are inspired by
the cover artwork from ‘Matatoro’ made by Paco Kamil)

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